iNet Technologies. (Hereafter refers to as iNet) provides customers with warranty for a defined period after the delivery date. Please refer to the following details about warranty service clauses and related regulations to assure you our best guarantee.

1. Warranty
1.1 Three days Refund
• We stand behind our products. However, your satisfaction is our goal and we do realize that sometimes you may want to return equipment. You can return your equipment for any reason within 3 days of receipt.
• We do not resell products as "new" which have been returned. If you return a new product, a 20% charge will be applied. Normally you will receive a refund including purchase amount minus shipping charges.
• Shipping charges and any duties incurred are not refundable under any circumstance.
• After 3 days, all product issues will be addressed by iNet’s standard warranty.

1.2 Standard Warranty:

iNet has been in pursuit of perfection that distributes excellent merchandise with outstanding designs, great materials and crafted manufacturing. We respectively grant a limited period of warranty from the date of delivery, based on product categories. During this period, customer will send the device to INET and INET will send back repaired or replaced faulty item. Shipping charges for both ways will be free. See RMA section for futher instructions:

• Mikrotik and Ubiquiti Routers and Switches: are warranted for 6 months on both the main board and power supply (included) after the delivery date.
• All outdoor wireless products like Mikrotik, Ubiquiti and Ruijie: are warranted for 3 months only.
• Network Appliances iEi, Supermicro and Acrosser: are warranted for 12months (included) after the delivery date.
• China network appliances: are warranted for 6 months (included) after the delivery date.

1.3 Post Warranty
• The sole warranty for all products sold by iNet after the warranty period, shall be the standard warranty as set forth by the manufacturer’s warranty for each product.
• After iNet standard warranty, manufacturer’s warranty will be applied. Customer will send the device to iNet and iNet will send the same to the respective manufacturer. Shipping this time will be charged to customers both ways, and a corresponding service fee will be charge as well.
• See RMA Section for Instruction.

2. Warranty Service (Items Shipped)

2.1 If customers found out DOA (Defect-on-Arrival) when unpacking iNet shipment, then goods should be sent to Support department of iNet not less than 15 days after the delivery date. It is upon the discretion of iNet Support to confirm that the problems resulted actually from product itself; afterward, the replacement will be made as soon as possible.
2.2 Returned DOA items must be impeccable by appearance, without alteration, scratches and damaged marks. DOA won’t be accepted in case of customer’s improper handling or misuse, and provided that the hardware certainly has no problem in quality. In this case, customers will be asked for part of handling charges if it proves not the hardware problem.
2.3 For the items not in conformity with replacement regulations, regular repair procedure will be applied.

3. Exclusions

3.1 iNet will be exempted from the liability for the product warranty under the following conditions:
• Software incompatibility and expired warranty
• Any removed, blemished or impaired warranty stickers
• Damage caused by accidents, misuse from any reasons, improper installation or unauthorized repair
• Damage caused by natural disaster, such as lightning strike, flood and earthquake