RMA form - will be available from iNet Support (support@inet.net.ph)
A DOA (defect on arrival) will be subject for a total replacement. Please report the case immediately to iNet.
Marking - Yes - apply removable labels or post-its to a safe location, e.g. the LAN connectors or the outside of the board sleeve.
- please do not mark products with a pentel / pen.
Fault Description - Please do not waste time, money, and jet fuel. We cannot read your mind. Give us a detailed fault description for each RMA, especially if the fault is intermittent. We can read and understand English, Tagalog and Ilocano. Without a proper fault description, chances are good that we will not see what is wrong in a brief test, and return the board with the note "no fault found".
• Packing: Boards
- You are returning electronic assemblies, not vegetables - please pack properly. Place each board into a separate ESD safe bag (black metallic = static shielding). Clear bubble wrap or plain plastic bags are not ESD safe, and may void the warranty. Use the original cardboard sleeves or something similar to protect the boards from outside impact and each other
- You can use bubble wrap or styros to protect the system inside a proper box.
• Ship to
- Faulty board must be sent to iNet and iNet will send the same to the supplier / manufacturer for repair/replacement. Shipping charges is free (iNet’s expense) both ways during warranty period. Please send faulty board to:
 iNet Technologies 44B Philand Drive, Tandang Sora Quezon City, Philippines 1107
Phone: +63 925 352 0052 | +63 917 352 0052
Appropriate solutions will be rapidly reached.
• Items must be impeccable by appearance, without alteration, scratches and damaged marks. The board won’t be accepted in case of customer’s improper handling or misuse.
• Patience
- Please be patient, both repair / replacements do take some time.
 • Respective manufacturers reserve the right to repair or replace defective goods.