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pfSense Reviews

I came across pfSense after running m0n0wall for some time and was happily surprised by their greatly expanded feature set. While the product is great, I really appreciate the community support. Every time I had a question or trouble getting it to do what I wanted, the pfSense was quick to respond and point me in the right direction.​                                                                                                                                              by Ozzy Schoonover

We've been using pfsense for about a year now and are very impressed with the options,s plugins, build and stability of the system.                                                                                                                        by Ben Simpson

This is a tool in my every evolving list of tools. PFSense can be setup and dropped in place quickly and utilize low cost devices to ease on budget.                                                                                               by Ryan Lanham

Very good open source firewall. Lots of add on options, that allow you to cover just about any function you could want, from VPN to content filtering and IDS. PF Sense allows for you to pay for corporate support, but you can find most any information you want online. Runs on light weight hardware that makes it very inexpensive to start using it.                                                                                                                                               by Jeff Hiner

Excellent Firewall that's getting more powerful and friendlier with every release. Upgrades and backup/restore actually works which is refreshing. We outgrew Untangle and PFSense has the power to work with our slightly-unusual setup. The only possible downside is that it requires a fairly beefy server if you want all the bells and whistles enabled.                                                                                                                          by Jonathan Starr                                                              

Mikrotik Reviews
MikroTik is a serious contender for replacing Cisco 1900, 2900 and 3900 series routers and even newer series Cisco routers.
In head-to-head comparisons with a Cisco 2901, the MikroTik CCR sustains much higher packets-per-second and overall throughput with less CPU utilization. While Cisco enterprise feature set can do more than MikroTik, if you're using Cisco IP base license and even the security license, you should find just about anything you need in a MikroTik CCR. It will take some time to get used to but you'll be rewarded. The only drawback in this platform is WAN connectivity. There is no option to put modems, T1 cards, etc. in the MikroTik. It is Ethernet only but they don't purposely throttle the performance like Cisco has done for many years. If you can get T1 delivered in Ethernet via Adtran or similar, use MetroEthernet and Internet connections, you're in a great position to have achieve really great performance at a lower price than Cisco. I've been using Cisco since the 90's and use them in small, medium and large deployments but sometimes you just need something with higher performance at a great price. MikroTik has been the best solution. We have large deployments in networks with over 30 MikroTik routers from the smallest to the CCR and we've been extremely satisfied.
                                                             by giosbike - Published on


I was upgrading from Zyxel USG200 which was capped at 80mbit due to weak CPU, This CCR1036 36-core router has amazing reserve of power, easily pumping at least 500mbit of WAN traffic and not even raising CPU usage. Comes with handy Windows GUI admin/monitoring tool and very active user community / forums.

So far I'm extremely satisfied and highly recommend it.
                                                 By Umberto Moretti - Published on